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Asiatic Lily

Item : T228-1A


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A popular lily variety found in a range of colors, including brilliant yellows and oranges. Asiatic lilies are less fragrant than many other lily flowers. They are sometimes referred to as Tiger Lilies.

Whether you send this beautiful arrangement to the family home or to the service, all will appreciate its elegance and grace. The contrast of brilliant white blossoms and dazzling greenery create a wonderfully calm and dignified setting.
• Gorgeous flowers such as white lilies, carnations and miniature carnations mix with vibrant greens in a large basket. Simply stunning.
• This arrangement will be hand designed and delivered by a local florist.
• An appropriate gift sent from a family member, friend, or business associate.
• Appropriate to send directly to the funeral home or to the family's residence.
• Arrangement measures approximately 26" W X 25" H.

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